Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

My First Date Over coffee at Coffee shop Coffee Day!

That awesome,enjoyable,dusky evening of 28th The month of january 2008 wasn’t a regular one. Even though there was nothing from the world factor Used to do however for me what else could be more special than the usual super romantic date at coffee shop coffee day…

A couple of us,me and my boyfriend in an outlet of coffee shop coffee day were lost in every other peoples eyes. When the world outdoors was shivering within an unbeatable awesome breeze of The month of january, the two of us were cozing track of one another encircled through the warmth of affection. Your evening there is something in mid-air, no, something apart from love, that was making the night much more romantic. ahh….how do i forget something which am near to the two of us,it had been on the lips and causing us to be go naughty…

What..????…it had been the graceful and creamy essence of my personal favorite Cafe`Latte that was adding a flavour to the romance.

I had been constantly talking with him when i was quite from the lengthy time (that is against my nature) and that he only agreed to be smilingly searching inside my face. I possibly could not realize for the way lengthy I’ve been speaking until he gave a brief peck on my small lips to seal me up, most likely.

A careless sip of coffee with hands in hands of a loved one having a soft music without anyone’s knowledge is really a feeling no under flying on cloud nine.

Once I just sipped my coffee,I realized a large smile ran over his face. Although the smile wasn’t any unusual because he was smiling during the day as soon as we joined the coffee shop but nonetheless I asked him,”what went down..??”

Soon his smile disappeared and that he held my face tight while coming not far from me (only a breath away). I closed my eyes, smiling, believing that he may hug me. My heartbeat ran quicker than ever. Countless questions were running i believe because this feeling was inexplicable.

“ohh..god!!!..could it be Alright to hug now??

…I am talking about its just my first date.

what’s going to he think..??

shall I stop him..??”

But in the heat from the moment I possibly could not react to any one of my questions and all of a sudden I recognized he applied his nose on my small nose and returned.

I opened up my eyes ( quite disappointed though..) and just what I can tell would be a little froth of coffee on his nose that he smilingly pointed and stated,

“look, this is exactly what happened..”

“Ohh..”, that’s the way i reacted smilingly inside my stupidness. I hugged him tightly and that i didnt know whether he understood my reaction or otherwise.

Well.. I really hope he does not.

While returning home I recollected all of the beautiful moments during the day.

COFFEE is symbolic of ‘remembrance’. Whether it’s a romantic date, the official meeting or any casual outing you simply cannot forget time spent over coffee.

Since that time every mug of coffee that we tell Danie, my boyfriend, jogs my memory of this evening so we just cant stop laughing over my silliness. Despite 2 yrs, every factor remains same, Me, Danie, our love and coffee… So, here’s my advice to any or all the very first time enthusiasts to begin your dating journey from ‘cafe coffee day’.

And you never know an appreciation proposal more than a coffee may prove to be lucky choice for you.