Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Four Things you Might Not Know about Duck

A lot of people have been impressed by ducks. Ducks can be an expensive type of meat but they are worth the money. Whether you are just about to try duck meat or have been eating it for a while, there are still you might not know about ducks. They include the following:

Peking Duck can be Made in Quebec

The ducks and duck products you can find in the market are not from the same wild species that migrate south when the first cold snap kicks in. These are Pecking ducks that originated from China. People choose them for their tasty and tender meat. They are 100 percent made in Quebec.

Ducks are Red Meat

Technically, duck is poultry like chicken and turkey; however, it has read meat. Duck meat has various shades and textures of red on its body parts. The things and wings of a duck are well-suited for slow cooking over long periods of time. Duck breast has a texture that is almost the same as beef and must be served rare. Also, this part of the duck has nearly as much iron as traditional red meat.

Duck Meat is Healthy

Duck is known for being higher in saturated fat and cholesterol than other poultry like turkey and chicken. But, it actually has the same level of cholesterol as chicken and most of this is in the meat instead of the skin. Also, its amount of healthy omega-3 fats is equivalent to that of chicken. Duck meat is also rich in vitamin B3, selenium, iron, and zinc.

Cholesterol in the diet seldom increases blood cholesterol levels but it is saturated fat that does. That is why duck is generally a healthy part of the diet of a meat eater. It has essential vitamins and minerals as well as offers a healthy dose of protein that the body needs every day. An important consideration to keep in mind is that duck may be served up in less healthy sauces than chicken. The amount of salt, sugar, and other flavorings may be high. Thus, when cooking duck yourself, make sure to control them.

Duck Meat Differs in Quality

How ducks live and how they are killed can impact the quality of their meat and eggs. The majority of ducks sold in supermarkets and served in restaurants are factory farmed. If you love duck meat, it makes sense to look for organic certification to distinguish meat that is humanely produced.